Planting a Woodland Area in School: A Case Study

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Trees and the copses and woodland they make up are an essential part of our heritage and yet one which, if we’re not careful, would be all too easy to lose. Loss of Native Woodlands According to national woodlands charity, the Woodland Trust, since the 1930’s, nearly half of our [...]

Eco-friendly Schools: A Case Study

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With more emphasis in recent years on pollution, recycling, energy use and other important environmental issues, children today are learning how to look after our planet from an early age. In fact, the government see this as such an important part of children’s education that they have set up a [...]

How Two Gardeners Went Totally Organic: a Case Study

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Mr and Mrs Owen from Hereford are a lively couple of retirement age who have undertaken the enormous project of transforming four large fields of agricultural land into a beautiful hilltop garden. Over the past few years they have created a small lake, three ornamental fishponds, an extensive fruit orchard, [...]

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