Harmful Chemicals in Babies Dummies

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There are two main chemicals which worry parents when speaking of babies’ dummies, or items which have been designed for very young children to put in their mouths. Phthalates Bisphenol A Both chemicals have been around for the last 5 decades but in recent years have hit the headlines due [...]

Whiter than White: the Truth about Bleach

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Years of prime-time laundry ads have lead us to believe we should get very excited about finding a wonder-working whitener for our wash – and then tell all our friends so they can share in our discovery. Well, perhaps not. Because there’s no real good reason to use bleach in [...]

Electrical Goods and Pollution in the Home

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We all use a fair amount of electrical goods each day – indeed, it is hard to see how we could ever do without them. But although they make our lives more comfortable, entertaining and fast, they also cause huge amounts of damage to the environment. Polluting Our Homes With [...]

Additives Soaps and Surfactants

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We all use soaps and detergents every day and are conditioned by the advertising world of smiling mums and youthful models, to keep our clothes clean with them, watch dirt disappear with them and wallow luxuriously in the bubbles they produce. But bubbles can’t be trouble – right? Wrong! Well, [...]

Green Cleaning Products

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We all use cleaning products on a daily basis and probably harbour a whole battalion of various sprays, polishes, unctions, gumptions and miracle powders. But have we ever considered the damage they might do, either to us, wildlife or the environment? What Are Green Cleaning Products? Green cleaning products are [...]

Green Alternatives to Carpets

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Despite the rise in popularity of laying wooden floors in modern homes, the majority of floor covering still tends to be carpet. However, there are many reasons why carpets are not a good choice in terms of their environmental impact, both in the way they are produced and also with [...]

Chemicals and Pollutants in Cleaning Agents

By |2021-05-24T11:18:43+00:00September 24, 2008|Household Products|

We all buy cleaning products to make our home cleaner, fresher, brighter – but at what price? Many common cleaning products contain chemicals and pollutants to make your blood go cold – literally. Check out the list below to find out which chemical culprits could be lurking under your kitchen [...]

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