PollutionIssues was formed to offer a unique reference point on what causes pollution and how to deal with it..

One of the topics of most concern in the 21st century is the welfare of our planet.Whether its traffic smog, bad town planning, refuse collection, dirty beaches, congested roads, the increase in cancers, oil spills, or the plight of endangered species, all of us are involved with and affected by, pollution issues.

Sometimes we think of them as ‘other people’s’ problem – until they impact on our own lives, that is – or they are dressed up in fancy ‘environment’ jargon, such as ‘climate change’, ‘carbon emissions’ or ‘global warming’, which we feel don’t have anything in common with our own interests.

But when broken down into everyday frustrations such as how much our electricity bill is each month, finding used sanitary products on the beach where our children want to play, or being asked to pay a congestion charge, all of us are affected by them.

At PollutionIssues all aspects of these topics are explained in a simple, readable way in bite-sized portions, so you can discover more about the cause and effect of pollution issues.

Our searchable database of information covers everything from what could be harming you in your shampoo or making you sneeze at night – to why you shouldn’t let go of balloons!

Each topic is accessible and relates to our shared experience of everyday life and whilst serious in content, they are not in the least ‘worthy’ (none of our writers are wearing hair shirts)!

And if you wish to ask a question or would like to see a new subject covered, you can do so via our ‘Ask an Expert’ panel.