Information on Your Everyday Pollution Issues…

One of the topics of most concern in the 21st century is the welfare of our planet. Whether its traffic smog, bad town planning, refuse collection, dirty beaches, congested roads, the increase in cancers, oil spills, or the plight of endangered species, all of us are involved with and affected by, pollution issues.

Eco-friendly Schools: A Case Study

March 3, 2010|1 Comment

With more emphasis in recent years on pollution, recycling, energy use and other important environmental issues, children today are learning how to look after our planet from an early age. In fact, the government see this as such an important [...]

Questionnaire: How Toxic is Your Hair?

March 1, 2010|0 Comments

There have been a number of reports in newspapers and magazines addressing the potentially hazardous substances commonly found in the ingredients of many hair care products. It's certainly important to weigh up the evidence available and come to your own [...]

Pollution from Your Heating

November 21, 2008|3 Comments

There comes a time of year when if you live in Britain the doors stay closed, the curtains are drawn and the heating is turned up. But the simple act of heating our home can also pollute the environment. By [...]

Monitoring Radiation Levels

November 20, 2008|0 Comments

When we think of monitoring radiation levels, Apocalypse images of nuclear fallout immediately spring to mind. However radiation occurs naturally in the environment and we are all exposed to low levels each day. So who does the monitoring and why [...]

Cancers and Chemicals

November 19, 2008|0 Comments

We are bombarded with information all the time that chemicals can cause cancer. But how do we measure the risks and sort out the facts from the scare stories? Chemicals In The Environment Each day we are exposed to thousands [...]

Lead Piping and the Environment

November 19, 2008|0 Comments

Until around about 1970, houses were traditionally serviced with lead pipes and water tanks. However, with the realisation that they could contaminate the drinking water supply they were phased out. So what harm does lead do? Lead In The Environment [...]

Baby Bottles and Bisphenol A

November 19, 2008|0 Comments

The chemical Bisphenol A has been the cause for concern for environmentalists for more than seventy years and rose to public attention through its use in babies’ bottles. But what exactly is Bisphenol A and what does it do? What [...]