What is Noise Pollution?

By |2021-05-24T11:18:37+00:00November 10, 2008|Noise & Light|

Noisy neighbours can be irritating and we’ve probably all shouted at someone to turn the music down but do these things constitute noise pollution? Noise Is Personal Our experience of sound is different for all of us, what constitutes noise pollution will be, by its nature, subjective. However in general, [...]

Aircraft Noise and Your Health

By |2021-05-24T11:18:37+00:00November 7, 2008|Noise & Light|

We all understand that if you live near a flight path, then the resulting aircraft noise would be very disturbing for most people. However, can it directly affect your health? The HYENA Project Scientists recently conducted a study to show that noise from aircraft can actually raise your blood pressure, [...]

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