Climate Change and Pollution: How the Maldives Are Sinking

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Picture this: pristine white beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, the scent of coconut in the air and transparent water sparkling under an azure sky. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it. Well the tropical paradise does exist but all is [...]

Safety Concerns about Pylons and Phone Masts

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For a long time now there has been concern raised over the safety of electricity pylons and mobile phone masts but until now there hasn’t been enough substantiated evidence to force a change. However new evidence could ensure that a new government review will be carried out. What’s The Difference [...]

Monitoring Radiation Levels

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When we think of monitoring radiation levels, Apocalypse images of nuclear fallout immediately spring to mind. However radiation occurs naturally in the environment and we are all exposed to low levels each day. So who does the monitoring and why is it necessary? What Is Radiation? Radiation is the terminology [...]

Lead Piping and the Environment

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Until around about 1970, houses were traditionally serviced with lead pipes and water tanks. However, with the realisation that they could contaminate the drinking water supply they were phased out. So what harm does lead do? Lead In The Environment Lead is a component of the Earth’s crust and as [...]

How Paint Pollution Effects the Environment

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We all like the idea of a quick home make-over - and what better pick-me-up for tired-looking walls than a fresh lick of paint? But the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies paint as one of its top five most hazardous substances. Why? Read on to find out. What’s In [...]

What are Gender Bending Chemicals?

By |2021-05-24T11:18:36+00:00November 18, 2008|Chemicals|

We’ve all heard the striking phrase, ‘gender-bending chemicals’ but what exactly are they and should we be worried? Why ‘Gender Bending’? Gender bending chemicals are a vast and diverse group of chemicals which have been found to mimic, block, or alter the effects of growth and developmental hormones causing reproductive [...]

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